Waterways PSPO Consultation Phase One (key stakeholders)

The Waterways PSPO consultation is being conducted in two phases, one with key stakeholders and the second as a public consultation. This format is the result of revisions following recommendations of the City Executive Board at the meeting on March 17th. The consultation brief outlines the method by which the consultation will be carried out and the officers and Councillor responsible.

Phase one consists of consulting with key stakeholders, including boater groups, who were not consulted in the development of the draft PSPO. PSPnO and the NBTA were named key stakeholders in the consultation brief.

PSPnO response to the proposed PSPO

PSPnO as a campaign cannot claim to represent all boaters, and it is important that all groups who would be affected by this are consulted. We know that a number of responses have been submitted by different groups:

Reproduced with kind permission from the authors: wolvercote-response

We will add links from other consultation responses as and when they are published or we are given permission to do so.