Scrutiny Committee Meeting 7 March 2016


Timeline – the story so far

Minutes of this meeting

The Scrutiny Committee is tasked with ensuring that recommendations to the City Executive Board (CEB) are robust and fit for purpose.

The Scrutiny Committee on 7 March 2016 felt that the papers regarding the Waterways PSPO as presented to them did not warrant a sufficient case for proceeding with the proposed consultation. They discussed the complex legalities of implementing PSPOs and of the risk of reputational damage to the Council.

The conclusions of the Scrutiny Committee and the subsequent report they submitted to the CEB proposed a major revision of the entire proposal in collaboration with interested parties.

A win for the PSPnO campaign!


Papers submitted to Scrutiny Committee re Waterways PSPO:

Agenda as published in advance

Oxford Waterways Public Spaces Protection Order consultation report to Scrutiny Committee

Supporting documentation presented to Scrutiny Committee

Appendix 1 – Supporting Evidence (note as of May 12th this is the sixth revision of this document that has been published)

Appendix 2 – Draft PSPO

Appendix 3 – Brief explanation of PSPO legislation

Appendix 4 – Risk Register

Appendix 5 – Equalities assessment

Appendix 6 – Area covered by proposal

Following submissions from boaters and others, there was an extended discussion in the Scrutiny Committee.

Verbal submissions were given to the committee from PSPnO campaigners Sharyn Hyde, Dr Alex Wood and Jon Ody.

Extracts from minutes of Scrutiny Committee:

“The Committee identified a number of concerns about the proposed consultation”

“The Committee also expressed reservations about the robustness of the evidence presented”

“The Committee also felt that the wording of the draft PSPO should be reviewed”

“The Committee AGREED to submit the following recommendation to the City Executive Board:

1. That the Council should revise the documentation, draft Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) and consultation proposals in collaboration with interested parties before consulting on an improved proposal for an Oxford Waterways PSPO.”

The subsequent report from the Scrutiny Committee was presented to the CEB on 17 March.

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