Full Council Meeting 25th July 2016


Councillors and the public have the right to ask questions or make addresses on any subject at a full Council meeting.

On 25th July 2016, Cllr Liz Wade asked a question regarding the Waterways PSPO and Cllr Andrew Gant asked a question regarding the City Centre PSPO.

PSPnO spokesperson Sharyn Hyde made a public address to the meeting about the Waterways PSPO. In a written response, Cllr Dee Sinclair announced that there would be a 6 month period with review before any wider consultation takes place to allow time to consider alternatives.


There is a lot of paperwork in relation to this meeting:

Council page for this meeting

Where questions are being asked, they must be provided on notice. Therefore before the meeting a list of questions and any written response is made available in a Briefing Pack.

During the meeting any additional responses are also recorded, in the full meeting minutes.

The video of the meeting is available on the council website. You can find the relevant sections as detailed below. In addition to this we have extracted the full text verbatim from the minutes for the relevant sections, including the written response from Cllr Sinclair:

Questions from Councillors:

Question from Cllr Andrew Gant to Cllr Delia Sinclair

Question from Cllr Liz Wade to Cllr Delia Sinclair

Questions that receive a written response are not normally asked during the meeting, but councillors are asked if they have any supplementary questions; the recording of relevant questions from Cllrs Gant and Wade starts at 00:53 on section “13. Questions on notice from members of council.”

Public address from PSPnO campaigners:

Public Address by Sharyn Hyde

recording starts at 11:00 on section “14. Public addresses and questions that do not relate to matters for decision at this council meeting”