Questions from Councillor Wade

Question on Notice from Councillor Wade to Councillor Sinclair
When is it anticipated that the draft Waterways PSPO (Public Spaces Protection Order) will be revised and ready for consultation? When will the public consultation take place? And will the consultation period be extended if it takes place over the holiday period?


Written response:
The draft Waterways PSPO amended by the City Executive Board on 17 March is the version that will be used in the consultation. The consultation will begin when the Council’s Public Involvement Board (officer group) have agreed the approach to consultation. Therefore there is no end date to the consultation at present. It is likely to continue throughout the summer period.


Supplementary question:
Will this be a consultation involving notification of boat dwellers and riparian owners and will it continue until mid-September if it covers the school holiday?


Yes, it will be comprehensive and we welcome engagement from the boating community.