Question to Council from Jon Ody

PSPO supporting evidence
My name is Jon Ody. I am a marine engineer working on boats in Oxford, founding partner of Green Boat Services

I would like to further press my concerns regarding the supporting evidence document, since I have recently been subjected to alienation and verbal abuse from members of the waterways community, my neighbours, which I believe is due to inclusion of so-called evidence which I have not been asked for my permission to use, which clearly identifies myself as the contributor. One example of this is a tweet from 2012 by Green Boat Services, which contains a photograph taken by me, with a link to a response from the City Council explaining that the issue should be dealt with by the Environment Agency and the Canal and River Trust.

There are at least two other photographs taken by myself in the PSPO Supporting Evidence document, and due to the recent lack of cooperation from councillors and council officers I have had to resort to submitting a Data Protection Request to establish what data the council holds from my social media accounts which are being claimed as evidence for the PSPO. I firmly believe that the supporting evidence does not demonstrate by any clear means any behaviour which is conclusively detrimental, unreasonable, and persistent, which I note are the tests required to be satisfied by the council by the 2014 Crime and Policing Act.

And so onto my question:
Will councillors work with me to establish by what methods the PSPO supporting evidence document has been produced, from what sources the alleged evidence has been gathered, and by what means the council believes that it has permission to reuse data that it has collated; and will the council remove from this document all the evidence that is not relevant or that they do not have permission to use?

Written Response from Councillor Sinclair
The Council is sorry to hear that you have been subject to verbal abuse from members of the waterways community. The information attached to the City Executive Board report of the 17th March was received from members of the public, partner agencies, or it was gathered from publicly accessible web sources. This information was de-personalised but anything that can be directly attributable to you as the source of the information will be removed from future documentation.

Summary of the verbal response given by Councillor Sinclair at the meeting
I have asked the council’s legal officers to investigate and anything detrimental to you personally will be removed if this is possible. Councillor Sinclair repeated previous assurances.

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