Full Council Meeting 18 April 2016


Timeline – the story so far

Minutes of this meeting

Councillors and the public have the right to ask questions on any subject at a full Council meeting.
On 18 April 2016, a considerable number of questions were asked by members and allies of the PSPnO Campaign, some directly about the PSPO, some about broader waterways issues.


There is a lot of paperwork in relation to this meeting:

Council page for this meeting

Where questions are being asked, they must be provided on notice. Therefore before the meeting a list of questions and any written response is made available in a Briefing Pack.

During the meeting any additional responses are also recorded, in the full meeting minutes.

We have extracted verbatim from the minutes the relevant questions and responses.  Councillors are able to ask a supplementary question, these have been included in the extracts.

Questions from Councillors:

Questions from Cllr Liz Wade to Cllr Delia Sinclair

Questions from Cllr David Thomas to Cllr Delia Sinclair

Questions from Cllr Elise Benjamin to Cllr Delia Sinclair

Questions from Cllr Andrew Gant to Cllr Delia Sinclair

Questions from PSPnO campaigners:

Waterways Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) and protection from complaints

PSPO – Draft Guidance to local housing authorities on the periodic review of housing needs

PSPO definitions

PSPO supporting evidence

PSPO alternative options

PSPO principles

British Waterways Act 1995 and legislation

One member of the PSPnO campaign wrote an open letter to the Council:

Open letter sent by Sharyn Hyde to all Council members

Exchange with Cllr John Tanner

Exchange with Cllr Bob Price

Exchange with Cllr Dick Wolff

Exchange with Cllr Steve Goddard

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