PSPnO – Say No to the PSPO!

Say No to the Oxford Waterways Public Space Protection Order!

Stop the criminalisation of ordinary citizens on Oxford’s waterways!

Consultation Process on PSPO

Waterways PSPO consultation phase 1 is live as of 25 May:

Draft Waterways Public Spaces Protection Order for Consultation

PSPnO consultation response was submitted on 21st July

Phase 1 is NOT the public consultation, it is engagement with key stakeholders prior to public consultation. PSPnO campaign is a named stakeholder in this process, but we cannot and do not claim to represent all boaters in Oxford. Phase 1 is now closed to responses, and the Council have announced that they are taking some time to consider responses. This is likely to take at least until February / March 2017. We will publish any updates as soon as we hear about them.

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